Enneagram Chattanooga was founded by Wesley Nichols to help people thrive personally and relationally through the Enneagram. Wesley works as a licensed marriage and family therapist in Chattanooga, TN and as an Enneagram teacher and coach for people across the United States.

As a certified Narrative Enneagram teacher and International Enneagram Association Professional Member, Wesley has received over 200 hours of in-person training and workshops through the Narrative Enneagram and the Enneagram Institute. Wesley uses his knowledge and passion for the Enneagram to help individuals, groups, and teams find deeper understanding, growth, and connection.


Wesley’s session with our team was informative, practical and led to new conversations and insights about ourselves and each other. His teaching style is accessible and compassionate, allowing for engagement from both Enneagram devotees and those who were just learning. If you’re looking for an interactive training session that will help your team understand themselves and others better, I highly recommend Wesley Nichols’ Enneagram workshops.
— Kim Gaines Eckert, PsyD., Co-Founder of Roots Counseling Center
With a warm, engaging style, Wesley led our marriage class in discovering more about our spouses through the Enneagram. Over the course of the six weeks, Wesley presented the material in a casual manner that allowed for the class to grow organically. Couples in the class still talk to me about how impactful it was for their marriage.
— Jarrod Suits, Director of Discipleship at Broad Street UMC



 The Enneagram is a tool for personal growth and transformation. Based on an ancient symbol and the theory of the existence of nine basic personality types, the Enneagram serves as a map for the internal wiring of each person. What sets the Enneagram apart from other personality typing systems is its emphasis on the motivations and “why” behind what we do, as opposed to just behavioral descriptions. 

The goal of this tool is not to be defined by our personality type, but instead find freedom from our default behavioral, emotional, and cognitive patterns that limit us in our day to day life. As we shed light on these internal patterns, we discover possibility for true change and growth.

We also increase our capacity to understand and communicate better with the people around us. While we all understand that everyone is not exactly like us, it can be hard to live out of this reality. The Enneagram brings this truth into focus in a tangible way as you get a glimpse into 9 different ways people see the world. This increased understanding helps us better interact and work with others. 


Let’s take a brief look at each of the nine types:


Type 1 - The Reformers/Perfectionists

The Principled and Conscientious Types


Type 4 - The Individualists/Romantics

The Authentic and Pensive Types


Type 7 - The Enthusiasts/Epicures

The Optimistic and Big Idea Types


Type 2 - The Helpers/Givers

The Caring and Relational Types


Type 5 - The Investigators/Observers

The Observing and Curious Types


Type 8 - The Challengers/Protectors

The Powerful and Assertive Types


Type 3 - The Achievers/Performers

The Successful and Goal-Oriented Types


Type 6 - The Loyalists/Loyal Skeptics

The Inquisitive and Dedicated Types


Type 9 - The Peacemakers/Mediators

The Agreeable and Peaceful Types

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